Thursday, September 16, 2004

Well, I'm not sure how to start this. There is a lot on my mind these days. Brad will be leaving in a couple of months and we are not sure if he'll be gone a year.. two years.. or less. Jeff is in his Senior year, not sure what he wants to do after high school, and I'm so worried about him not having set goals. He knows he wants to go to college.. but he's not sure what he wants major in yet. And then there is Jason, he's 12 and going through some weird phase right now. I worry about him the most these days, I'm probably over anyalizing everything. Drake is a typical two year old, his speech is a little behind what my older boys were at this age.. but he's a smart little boy and I have no doubt he'll catch up soon.
We'll be going to Canada next month for two weeks, my parents and sister will be here with Jeff and Jase. It will be really good for Brad to see his friends and family before he leaves for the sandbox.
Nothing interesting today.. yesterday Brad took the whole fmaily out to eat, we haven't done that in over a year! We need to do it a few more times before Brad leaves.

xoxo- ::Tammy::